TON Swap DEX continues rapid growth, long-term farming program introduced

Broxus, one of the leading developers of the FreeTON network, has announced that they have made key updates to TON Swap, the FreeTON-powered DEX. The most significant changes are centered around the platform’s farming offerings, which were given expanded parameters on Sept. 3 in conjunction with the sustained growth and increase in liquidity the platform […]

Free TON broke its own world record

Last year, Free TON ran a contest that gained the network over 400 validators. The contest, dubbed “The Crystal Game” (homage to the Glass Bead Game) had validators compete in validation cycles recurrently in order to win the title of “Magister Ludi” as well as token prizes. This year, those same validators (in addition to […]

Next Top TON Startup

FreeTON DeFi Alliance has partnered with North American blockchain leader GDA Capital for the launch of the inaugural Next Top TON Startup. The annual event will allow blockchain startups to compete with each other, connect with global industry leaders and investors, and build the future of blockchain technology. The best teams and individuals in each track will win up […]

Crystal handshake

Together with its AMM-based decentralized exchange TONSwap and the FreeTON DeFi alliance, FreeTON is looking for the right set of companies for its new incubator program. Dubbed the “Crystal Handshake program,” FreeTON’s incubation program plans to provide these Ethereum-based startups with the ability to reach their desired level of liquidity that will help them realize […]

TONScan.io — Blockchain Explorer By Broxus

Here’s what data about the Free TON blockchain can be found on the tonscan.io browser site by the Broxus team Free TON Blockchain Explorer: Main Page The center of the TONScan.io page contains general information about Free TON in numbers. Head block — the value of the maximum block in the Free TON network for […]

Free TON launched DEX smashes Uniswap transaction costs

A new decentralized exchange powered by Free TON’s infinite sharding mechanism helps retail traders radically increase their trading efficiency. “Pain and agony,” say Uniswap users looking at Ethereum gas prices. As a result of its tremendous growth over several months, decentralized exchanges on Ethereum are becoming significantly less viable for retail traders. To solve this […]

Free Ton expands ecosystem with new BRIDGE token

The Free Ton bridge is a second-layer solution that links the Ethereum blockchain with that of Free Ton. The bridge fulfills a key function in decentralized finance, giving users the opportunity of transferring their assets from a first-layer chain, where transactions are slow and costly, to a newer chain with better scaling capabilities and close […]

Frax and Free TON’s DeFi alliance to boost the development of Free TON’s DeFi ecosystem

Free TON, a decentralized proof-of-stake blockchain powered by its community, and Frax, a fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol, announced a partnership to make decentralized finance more functional and affordable for everyone. The Frax team will deploy its protocol to the Free TON ecosystem so that its stablecoin, Frax, and governance token, FXS, can be minted natively on Free […]

Free TON DeFi Alliance Announces 15M TON Yield Farming Program

PRESS RELEASE. The 15M TON Yield Farming program will take place on TON Swap (Free TON’s DEX powered by Broxus), except for the WTON-USDT pair which will be both hosted on Uniswap and TON Swap. On June 29 the first stage of farming begins. The second stage is expected to start by the end of the week. The rewards for liquidity providers will […]

STASIS and Free TON DeFi Alliance Partners to Boost the Development of Free TON DeFi Ecosystem

Free TON, a decentralized proof of stake blockchain powered by its community and STASIS, a EU compliant EURS stablecoin project, partnered to make DeFi more functional and affordable for everyone. The STASIS team will be deploying their protocol to the Free TON ecosystem, so that their stablecoin EURS can be minted natively on Free TON. This […]

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    The Free TON and Ethereum bridge TONBridge.io has been launched by Broxus and the “wrapped” TON Crystal (WTON) is already being traded on Uniswap.   More over, TONBridge.io now supports 10+ DeFi tokens (AAVE, COMP, CRV and others) to trnasfer them ETH-TON and TON-ETH.

    After the addition of new tokens for transferring from Ethereum to Free TON TONSwap.io have launched a new 15M farming program for liquidity providers in pools with new tokens(EURS, CRV, FRAX, FXS and others).

    To incentivize liquidity providers at Uniswap DeFi Alliance decided to launch another farming program for liquidity providers in Uniswap USDT/WTON pool on TONSwap.io.

    The first wave of the incentive was run starting from Apr 21 till Jun 12.
    The current farming program will last until the end of August, but some pools will close earlier. You can check all information about rewards and term of farming programs for each pool on TONSwap.io . To use TON Swap you should install Chrome extension – TON Crystal Wallet.

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