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Official TON Swap Token List Announcement

The TON Swap DEX has started accepting applications for projects looking to list their tokens! This is a huge opportunity for projects to join in the FreeTON community and take advantage of all the benefits of integration with one of DeFi’s up and coming DEXs. Projects looking to apply can do so here: APPLY Applications […]

TON Swap DEX Unveils Long-Term Farming Program

Broxus, one of the leading developers of the FreeTON network, has announced that they have made key updates to TON Swap, the FreeTON powered DEX. The most significant changes are centered around the platform’s farming offerings, which will be given expanded parameters in conjunction with the sustained growth and increase in liquidity the platform has experienced. Since the […]

Free TON broke its own world record

Last year, Free TON ran a contest that gained the network over 400 validators. The contest, dubbed “The Crystal Game” (homage to the Glass Bead Game) had validators compete in validation cycles recurrently in order to win the title of “Magister Ludi” as well as token prizes. This year, those same validators (in addition to […]

Your simple access to TON Crystal

1 USD = 0.571 TON