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The reasons for the Free TON rebranding and the future of Everscale: the main one from the AMA of the Broxus co-founder.

The Free TON governing board recently approved the project’s renaming as Everscale, and before that, the community burned more than half of the total emission of native coins. In addition, the FreeTON DeFi Alliance will undertake a large-scale management and development reform of the project. Broxus co-founder Sergey Shashev took part in an AMA session […]

Free TON launched DEX smashes Uniswap transaction costs

A new decentralized exchange powered by Free TON’s infinite sharding mechanism helps retail traders radically increase their trading efficiency. “Pain and agony,” say Uniswap users looking at Ethereum gas prices. As a result of its tremendous growth over several months, decentralized exchanges on Ethereum are becoming significantly less viable for retail traders. To solve this […]

Free Ton expands ecosystem with new BRIDGE token

The Free Ton bridge is a second-layer solution that links the Ethereum blockchain with that of Free Ton. The bridge fulfills a key function in decentralized finance, giving users the opportunity of transferring their assets from a first-layer chain, where transactions are slow and costly, to a newer chain with better scaling capabilities and close […]

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